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Updated: May 10

St. Louis is a music town, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. This past year I have been seeing so many posts and hashtags out there saying to support local businesses, and indeed you should, but why not support local music as well? Aren't you tired of listening to the same old main stream crap? I can only take so much of Justin Bieber and The Weeknd...damn Canadians. There are tons of talented bands right here in the Greater St. Louis Area. Most locals have never heard of them because they do not immerse themselves in the local music scene, and if YOU don't then you're missing out!

We here at Underground love supporting local music, which is why I have put together the top 10 STL bands with original content that we have featured on our show, Underground STL LIVE. This list is in no particular order and full of various genres. Make sure you whip out your Spotify app after you're done reading because you'll have some new groups to follow. So let's get started...

Divine Sorrow

If you like heavy rock, analytical lyrics, and strong melody then Divine Sorrow is the band for you! Formed in 2011, their accomplishments include "Charter Center Stage" Best Unsigned Band, as well as St. Louis River Front Times readers choice "Best St. Louis Rock Band" and "Best Rock Album". They just released their latest album "The Far Beneath" in 2020. Divine Sorrow is full of tenured musicians who go balls out in their live performances. I have had the pleasure of seeing them perform twice at Diamond Music Hall and was not disappointed. After their shows it is not uncommon to see the band mingling with the audience, taking pictures, and telling stories of all their years in Rock n' Roll. As their lead singer Bryan says, "Work hard, dream big, and fear nothing!"

Guerrilla Theory

Guerrilla Theory formed in 2015 here in St. Louis. This band is a mixture of reggae, rock, hip-hop, alternative, and much more. In 2018 Guerrilla Theory was named one of Riverfront Times STL 77 Honorees. Their music video of "Mouf Out" is one of my favorite music videos from an STL band. Just a bunch of dudes jamming, drinking, smoking, and having the time of their lives. They've recently moved to Florida to expand their horizons, but Guerrilla Theory will return to the Greater St. Louis Area March 28th at Diamond Music Hall!

The 45

I've had many DEEP conversations with some of the members of The 45. They are as down to earth as they are creative and it makes for great music. We have featured their kickass single "Head to Toe" numerous times on podcasts and shoots for Underground St. Louis. We actually have an interview with them that will release here on undergroundstl.com soon. If you want good Rock n' Roll and a band that believes in elevating the St. Louis music scene as a whole and not just dominating it then check out The 45!

Hazard to Ya Booty

Hailing from St. Louis, Hazard to Ya Booty formed in 2000 at Truman State University in Missouri. They fuse elements of rock, soul, hip-hop, jazz, and blues to make a head bobbing funk sound that they have coined as 'Crunch Funk', music that is so profound it is physical. Our very own Tyrice of Underground STL has stated that this is his favorite band and his favorite song is "Just the Tip". No matter what song, Hazard to Ya Booty's core principal is to get that booty moving!

Dead Format

Our Producer of Underground STL LIVE, Booster, has voiced repeatedly on the show that Dead Format is his favorite band that we have featured. Even before we go LIVE, Booster will have their song "F*uckin' Crazy" usually playing somewhere in the background. They have an Indie Style sound that they personally describe as 'Dad Rock from St. Louis' on their Facebook page. Dead Format is the perfect band to put on in the car driving to work, check them out!

Ursa Major

This was the first local band that we ever featured on Underground STL LIVE. Ursa Major is definitely a unique band, so much so that I can't even classify it as a certain genre,. They have great classic rock inspired melody and riffs with modern hip-hop style vocals by their front man Calvin Tigre. Tigre also shoots the bands music videos using old-school style cinematic tactics that make them stand out from other groups. Follow Ursa Major and they will not disappoint!

Outrun the Fall

Originally known as Hollow Point Heroes, Outrun the Fall brings new life and new energy to the same brand. They have a heavy sound that you will find yourself headbanging to. Their latest song "Burning Alive" is dedicated to anyone that ever felt like they had to try and be someone else. Outrun the Fall's lyrics definitely have a message that hits home!

Blackwater '64

Blackwater '64 is definitely a St. Louis band. They combine the best elements of American blue collar music playing stripped down twangy Midwestern indie rock with a blues influence. Their newest album, "Terra Firma", is available now. Our friend Jared from The 45 originally recommended Blackwater '64 to us here at Underground after having played alongside them at certain venues. We were not disappointed and you won't be either.


This local band is made up of a bunch of young friends who just love to play music. You can catch them on stage with eccentric shirts or no shirts at all. Amethyst's lead singer is also the drummer! I know, crazy right? Their EP "From the Underground" was released in 2019 and they've been working hard ever since to make a name for themselves. Any venue that they play they bring a bright energy and a loyal fanbase. Make sure you check out Amethyst!

The Kuhlies

I like when we feature this band on Underground STL LIVE because they are just fun to listen to. The Kuhlies have been playing pop-punk until the cops are called since 2013. Their song "Your Boyfriend vs My Aquarium" is a song I could listen to if I'm ever running late for work or a date. I hope this local band releases more music soon!

Remember, St. Louis is a music town! Support your local music! If you want to see most of these bands or others like them perform live then make sure you hit up Diamond Music Hall the best music venue in the Greater St. Louis Area right now that is open! Also, we here at Underground St. Louis are launching a new series called The Sound of STL. So if you are a local artist, musician, or band that would like to be featured on an episode of the new series then contact us here on undergroundstl.com.

Also don't forget to catch Underground STL LIVE every Monday night at 9pm!

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