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Maplewood Chef to Appear on Hell's Kitchen

You know that show where Chef Gordon Ramsay yells "F*** Off!" constantly but produces some of the best chefs in America? Well Hell's Kitchen is airing its 20th season, being dubbed as Young Guns, where all contestants are around 23 years of age during the start of the competition. Set to air May 31st on FOX, one of the contestants this season just happens to be from St. Louis, and you've probably already tried one of his dishes.

Trent Garvey Season 20 Cast Photo

Trent Garvey (also known as Chef Gravy) is the Executive Chef of The Blue Duck in Maplewood (2661 Sutton Blvd), a place that serves classic comfort food with a twist, just west of St. Louis City. Garvey has been Executive Chef at this location for three years now and was named Sauce Magazine's Chef of the Month back in April of 2019. Before that he spent years working his way up the ranks as line cook and sous chef.

Garvey is one of the first contestants from Missouri since season 4. This is a new generation of chefs for Hell's Kitchen. In the Season 20 trailer Gordon Ramsay describes them as, "Young guys and gals who couldn't afford a hundred thousand dollars for culinary school...ones that learned and perfected their craft from watching YouTube videos." So, if you want to see this young St. Louis Area chef in action make sure you tune in!

Also, if you are around the Maplewood area I definitely recommend checking out The Blue Duck. Their bar selection is top notch, with creative cocktails and a plethora of local craft beers. As far as food goes, I love Blue Duck's Beer Braised Bacon Reuben, but they have so many delicious unique items on their menu it is hard to choose. In fact, Chef Gravy is rolling out a new menu the last week of May and he thinks you'll love the new pork-belly burnt ends.

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