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Kids are Getting Dumber...Nothing Electric Buses Can't Fix!

Remember that cartoon when you were a kid? You remember, the one where the kids in school were too stupid to learn the lesson of the day and Ms. Frizzle came flying in on her magical school bus to save the day. Well today the kids are even dumber and its not Ms. Frizzle coming to the rescue, it is Kamala Harris with an electric school bus instead!

Her Master Plan

The Vice President is leading a White House initiative to electrify our nation's school buses, by awarding rebates to school districts that purchase electric buses. Overall this program is projected to cost $5 billion. The White House claims that diesel exposure has caused pollution and health problems, and that going electric would be safer.

“When I think about what the experience should be for our children of going to school on the school bus, I think about the fact that it should be about maximizing that experience for them, understanding that this bus symbolizes so much about our collective investment in our future,” Kamala Harris stated in Seattle, Washington about the electric bus program. “Because, of course, it is about our investment in our children, in their health, and in their education. And in that way, our electric school bus program really does represent an intersection of all those points, on top of the importance of investing in domestic manufacturing.”

Kids R Gettin Stoopid

You want to collectively invest in our children's future Kamala? How about ACTUALLY investing in our children's education? Put some of that money to teaching our kids SOMETHING! The most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress showed average reading scores for nine-year-olds plummeting five points and average mathematics scores dropping seven points.

The report from the National Center for Education Statistics stated, “This is the largest average score decline in reading since 1990, and the first ever score decline in mathematics.”

I guess forced government lockdowns that took children out of school for months wasn't the best option.

An Expensive 'Solution'

While the intellectual level of American children plumets, gas prices have been on the rise across America. One Philadelphia School District claimed that these new electric school buses are twice as expensive as their diesel counterparts. Where will you charge these buses? How will you charge them? Will this really benefit the environment? Am I asking too many questions?

More importantly, will this even benefit these students? When I was younger my grade was not dependent on what kind of bus I took to school. Imagine what that $5 Billion could do though for American children when put into programs that actually help elevate their brainpower!

I guess now, as our children's grades fail and their intelligence wanes, we can make them feel better by letting them know, they're doing their part for the environment by riding an electric bus to the very school they're failing. I just hope the White House and Kamala Harris invest in short electric buses, because God knows we'll need them.

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