Diamond Music Hall: The Best Music Venue Outside of STL

Updated: May 10, 2021

You may remember it as the old Electric Cowboy. You know, the western-themed nightclub, with a huge dance floor, and country music. Well ever since Electric Cowboy closed its doors something badass has taken its place, and that is Diamond Music Hall! At first Diamond was just a subtle music club with some billiards tables, but now under its new ownership, TTAK Entertainment, Diamond Music Hall has blown up as the best music venue outside of STL.

Divine Sorrow Performing at Diamond Music Hall

TTAK Entertainment bought Diamond in the summer of 2020, renovated, and reopened it in September of the same year. With all the restrictions of live shows in St. Louis County and City, Diamond Music Hall has been hosting live shows this whole time, on account of being located in St. Charles County which has limited restrictions. Bands from all over the Greater STL Area, and the nation for that matter, have been flocking towards Diamond hungry to perform in front of a live audience. It definitely serves as a symbol to the music community that live shows are not dead!

Since TTAK Entertainment is now in charge Diamond is not just some venue for bands to play an occasional show or two, it serves as a platform that can launch a musical act from the small stage to the big stage. "With the steam that we had gathered both nationally and locally we wanted our entertainment company to be everything. We wanted to be able to sign bands to major labels, we wanted to get them on the national level. We wanted to bring local acts out from St. Louis to our stage, and give them an audience out here in St. Charles County, and before we knew it we realized that we're the only thing going, we're the biggest thing out here, the first concert venue in St. Charles of this size," explained Topher Bayless of TTAK Entertainment.

Billiards Tables at Diamond

Diamond Music Hall is not just about the music, it is about the experience. "We care so much about our event, not just bringing a band here, but the experience of the event," says Jonny Kruse of TTAK. The whole place looks amazing! Music memorabilia covers the walls. Beautiful pool tables are scattered throughout. They have two full size bars, iconically named 'Stairway to Heaven' & 'Highway to Hell'. Plus, Rock Star Taco Shack is located there to fill your stomach with delicious food. Throw in a kickass band playing live music and you got yourself the best venue across the Missouri river.

"Back in the day at Mississippi nights everybody was friends. So all the musicians would go and hangout and that was the place to go. There was no bickering, there was no 'my band is better than your band' and over the years we just lost that," states Kruse. Well Diamond is bringing that attitude back to the local music scene. There is no discrimination, everyone gets along, all genres are welcome, if you can play you can stay.

Packed House at Diamond

Besides the countless local groups that have graced its stage, notorious acts such as "Liliac" (Los Angeles-based family Rock/Metal band) recently rocked the house at Diamond and many more notable bands are scheduled to perform, such as the hip hop/country/rock group "Rehab" set to make an appearance. "It is the vibe. It is what people feel when they walk in here. We've had some professional musicians walking in here saying the vibe is completely different, and it's about what we bring to the table. We're here for the music and we're here to get through COVID with everybody," said Bayless.

These are dark depressing times for many people right now, we all need to find joy somewhere. So, if you're healthy and feeling up for a little trip across the river, head on out to Diamond Music Hall and catch a show, dance your legs off, and sing your heart out, because as the old saying goes..."Without music, life would be a mistake."

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