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Christian Cage Fighter Calls on Compatriots to Find Freedom in 'Jesus Christ'

When Americans think of activists we think of the spoiled Hollywood celebrity virtue signaling, on a comfortable stage, surrounded by other spoiled celebrities that pretty much have the same viewpoint. They do this because it is a safe environment, there is no fear. Nobody is going to push back on them with a different viewpoint, they are the elite.

However, bravery is not the absence of fear, but the action in the face of fear! Beneil Dariush (an Iranian-American mixed martial artist) demonstrated exactly that after his win at UFC 280 this past Saturday in Abu Dhabi, by encouraging Iranian protestors to convert to Christianity in a predominantly MUSLIM country.

"I dedicate this fight to my people in Iran. I know you are struggling. I know you are fighting for freedom. I want you to know that we are praying for you & we love you...There is true freedom—a freedom that no one can take from you—in the name of Jesus Christ, the son of God,” Dariush said. “Don’t ever forget that. if you remember one thing I say, remember that.”

Protests have erupted in Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini on September 16th. The country's morality police -- tasked with enforcing strict codes around dress and behaviour -- had arrested the 22-year-old Amini for not wearing her hijab correctly and sporting skinny jeans. Her family say Amini was beaten and her head struck several times, while witnesses accused officers of beating her.

The government and police have denied the accusations. Iran's Forensic Organisation said her death was due to an "underlying disease" and not as a cause of blows to the head or vital organs. Tehran's police chief says the death of Mahsa Amini was an "unfortunate" incident he does not want repeated.

These protests are viewed as a serious challenge to the Islamic Republic’s regime. Videos continue to show women defiantly setting their headscarves on fire and cutting their hair in displays of solidarity with Amini. More importantly, they are bringing awareness to the treatment of women as second class citizens in Muslim countries.

Christians are also treated as second class citizens in Muslim countries such as Iran, UAE, etc. Beneil Dariush stating that these protestors in Iran (99.8% Muslim) should find true freedom through Jesus Christ on a grand stage in Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates (76% Muslim) is truly a brave statement, considering the persecution of Christians in these countries.

Will Americans stand with these Iranian protestors and condemn Iran's mistreatment of women? It is easy to virtue signal when it is safe. It is easy to call out horrible treatment of women here at home, we don't have morality police here in America. It is easy to call out Christianity on religious principles that you might not agree with, we don't have a violent Christian regime terrorizing us here.

Will you STILL virtue signal in a place where freedom is not granted to you? Will you STILL call out religious principles that you don't agree with under a violent Islamic regime? Are you willing to take action in the face of fear, or only when it is safe?

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